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Pressing On

January, the Monday of months. When it feels as if the month is actually 72 weeks long, not just 4. We are feeling it over here, but I’m not rushing it away- that’s something grief taught me. The season will change. It just will. So although it feels that February is still months away and Spring will never come, I’m resting in what the Lord is doing now, in the never ending January.

Which is funny because while we are in a wonderful season right now, it has also been hard and stretching. Motherhood is joyous and good and in every way, sanctifying.

Tweens and babies together is a new dynamic for us. Both demanding in different ways but I love watching them together. What a gift for my older children to have a baby in the house!

(I love this photo. Adam and I recently bought new watches and gave our much loved Garmins to the girls. Addy is all about it- tracking her every step 🤪. Here she was showing everyone how far she had walked so far).

We joined two different co-ops this month. I was resisting for a long time, but now that it’s been four weeks in for both, we are all enjoying it and I can see that it was much needed. My older ones are taking public speaking, ASL, and Bible in one. English, geography, and Art in the other. The younger ones are doing Art, an enrichment workshop and Bible, then Geography and craft-type classes. I feel that it adds a good balance to the work we do at home and we plan to keep it up this next school year, which I am already beginning to mentally plan and think about, of course. Below is 3D printing which Adam thinks we now NEED, because it can make anything! So why wouldn’t we want it?!

Speaking of Adam. Today we were talking about blindness and he said that he wouldn’t want to live blind! I went on telling him how you can be blind and still live a happy and good life. He replies “well you can’t live a good life and not be able to see if there are pickles on your sandwich or not!”

Seriously, I love that pickles on a sandwich was his first concern.

He’s also the sweetest big brother. He truly adores his Harperhope .

Harper, who is a whopping three months old now! She is a sweet balm to my soul and brings so much joy to our family.

(Above is Ava learning to Shag dance)

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