grahamville classical

Seeking to nurture a love for the Lord and his works through the culture of classical education


We are coming up on our 7th year teaching our children at home and although there are many days I whisper under my breath that I wish I could send them all to school…ok, there have been years we have actually enrolled in school and attended. In 2018 we lost a baby boy to stillbirth, and our children were in private school that year as we grieved and healed. We are by no means an every-family-must-homeschool-every-child-every-year type of family, we do what is best each year. However, we do truly enjoy teaching at home and all of the many benefits that come with it. Hello, weekly beach field trips and no alarm clocks.
But truly it has become so much more than that, it’s become our¬†lifestyle and one of the greatest gifts I’ve been given, the opportunity to grow alongside my children and cultivate for them a culture and worldview designed by our creator.¬† Relationship building, creating in them the love for God’s word, nature, natural beauty and literature. And yes, freedom over our schedule is a large bonus!
Because this is our life- I created this space to document it all. Grahamville Classical originated as a hash tag, I needed a name for our school so that I could tag all of our school photos and keep them together. Grahamville is the area of our tiny town we live in and classical is the method we follow, and Grahamville Classical was born- I love it.