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One Year.

One year since we welcomed Phoebe Elizabeth into the world.

My water broke at home that morning, and she was in our arms after lunch- before there was time for a working epidural. The entire floor of laboring moms had covid, including myself apparently- but we enjoyed the quiet, quarantined hospital room just the three of us.

Once home- life kept moving like life does and Phoebe tagged along for the ride, all of them.

Sweet. Cuddly. Smart. Fearless.

The one baby who doesn’t look anything like any of her siblings.

She was walking at 10 months. Climbing toys at 11 months. Pushing chairs to climb on the counters before she was a year.

Phoebe, light. Indeed you have been a light to our family this year.

Elizabeth, honoring her big sister who passed halfway into my pregnancy- Charlie Elizabeth.

The day was spent with friends at the Children’s Museum and with family for cake and gifts. All you really wanted though, was your scheduled nap, a warm bottle and to toddle around the house- you’re favorite things to do.

Happy first birthday. How time flies.

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