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Endings and Beginnings

The end.

The end of a really great school year.

The end of my kiddos schooling outside of the home (as far as we know).

We celebrated all that they accomplished this year, I’m not kidding when I say these kids worked hard! We are so proud of them each.

The biggest thing I think that will be missed are the friendships they made. They were in classes with such a great group of kids, and it’s bittersweet to be saying goodbye to that.

But, we’re also pretty excited to be back home again too. We celebrated with year-end cookies from our favorite baker☀️

And Piper was so excited to “do homeschool” she had us working on day 1 of summer. However, by day three she was in full swing summer mode just like the rest of us.

I was a little worried how the transition back home would be this summer after them being “gone” for so long. Day in and day out they constantly had things to do, places to go, work to be done. We were no longer used to being together day in and day out.

It hasn’t been flawless because we’re all human and all sinners- but it’s gone really well. As I was doing dishes this past week from lunch I thought to myself how much I’ve missed them being home and how much I truly do enjoy having them home, and all that it brings with it.

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